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Super Robot Jump Jump is a 2D platformer with a simple control scheme. The game is about a Robot and his brain (CPU) inadvertently going off on an adventure. As you explore the various worlds you will learn of a great tale of adventure and bewilderment. It's a light hearted platformer for medium to high skill players. It features two difficulty modes, two player local co-op, and four worlds including boss encounters to overcome. The game was made mostly by Matt Rathbun as his first venture into indie development (and game development in general). The game includes art by Sebastian Wagner and music and audio by Ben Nichols. From tech demo to completion Super Robot Jump Jump has traversed over ten countries, many couches and is now out on steam.


Quick Info

Developer: Beyond Technical

Title: Super Robot Jump Jump

Start Date: February 2015

Release Date: March 31st 2016

Platforms: PC (More in the future)

Steam: Store Page / Steam client

Development/Business: Matt Rathbun

Art: Sebastian Wagner

Sound: Benedict Nichols

Contact Information

Email: sciar@outlook.com

BT Facebook: Beyond Technical Facebook

Facebook: SRJJ Facebook

Twitter: @mattsciar

Youtube: Beyond Technical

Download Files

If you're looking for a zip file of the images or the demo of the game you're in the right place. Click on the button for whatever you might need.

Permissions / FAQ

You have permission to make any posts, comments, and video content you might like. Sourcing this website would be greatly appreciated but you do not need any permission to review the game or post any footage of you playing/testing/reviewing the game. The closer to the release date the better but I'm a small indie, so thank you for any content you make already. (Streaming is also fine)

You do not have permission to host and/or sell the game. If you'd like somebody to try please direct them to this website or the steam store.

How hard is the game?

The game has two difficulty modes, Easy and Normal. When you create a new save file you decide which one you'd like to play. It's a fairly challenging title regardless so if you're new to platformers or dislike the struggle of challenging games I suggest easy mode.

What features/collectibles/how long is it?

There's two player couch coop. There is a speed star for every level in the game unlocked by going as fast as you can. Every world has 10 cogs that are either a challenge or hidden to unlock. The game takes approx 10 hours to beat with a large variance based on your skill level.