Shift is a very early development project. It is a polarity based dungeon crawler where you'll fight your way through multiple levels of difficult enemies requiring you to use your ability to shift between black and white to help you survive and destroy the newfound threat to you not being dead.

Shift (Pre-Alpha Stage)

More Info

Shift is a title being developed solely by Matt as a personal project with a long development cycle planned. He's handling every portion of the game in an attempt to create his specific goal and vision of a game but also as a personal challenge to push himself and learn every aspect of game development in a 3d environment.

Shift is in an early early alpha stage and is a modified concept from Phase which was originally a two man development team. After switching to a solo project the original concept of the then titled "Phase" has been modified so heavily this is now an entirely new project. Shift is being developed in Unity 3D in C#.

Matt is doing all of the modeling, programming, effects, animation, design and implementation independently.