Biba Ventures

Biba Ventures is a 2D activity based mobile gaming studio. Their games are primarily driven to create "Smart Playgrounds" enticing kids to use AR technology to interact with parks.

While working at Biba Matt was tasked with a variety of responsibilities primarily being full project game development and QA Supervision.

Zombots (Store Link)

Biba Zombots Image

Zombots is a game Matt developed from scratch with a minimal design from concept to store release. The premise of the game is to handle multi touch input on a single device-width to allow players to play a modern version of an old game concept (Zombie Tag). Simply put one player is "It" and every player they tag joins their team until the "Survivors are no more or the time runs out. The game screen modifies throughout the round to give players individual objectives to force a high rate of play and interest.

Charades (Store Link)

Biba Charades Image

Charades is one of the standard games in the Biba line where players are given a task and told to navigate to a piece of playground equipment to perform the task. afterwards they return to the parent and phone to be given another opportunity to perform another charade. The game randomizes from a large list and provides unlockables to give players new options as they progress through the game.

Cops and Robbers (Store Link)

Biba Cops Image

Cops and Robbers is similar to Zombots since the game is accepting inputs from many players on one device. However unlike Zombots where players are all focused on one task the device supports two teams simultaneously. Cops can bring their robbers to the device to jail them while robbers can bring their "loot" to the device to drop it in their vault. This game is another example of a solo project by Matt while employed at Biba Ventures.